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Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering has been offering non-surgical mole removal since 2006. They are the most recommended and referred mole removal service provider in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area (GTA)!

At Beauty-Full Spa mole removal is a simple process. You come in for a consultation and are provided with a price. We do not offer pricing over the telephone as we must see the mole(s) to provide the removal price. Often on the same day the procedure can be done and if not at a time of convenience in the near future. Once the mole has been removed you are given instructions of how to care for your skin, in particular the do’s and don’t’s during the healing process that if followed have a very small margin of any scarring occurring.


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Take a few minutes to view what people are saying about Beauty-Full Spa’s mole removal service.

The most frequent question other than the cost for mole removal that we are asked during a free consultation for our non-surgical, non-scarring mole removal at Beauty-Full Spa is – what are moles? The simplest response is that a mole is a natural growth of human skin composed of pigmented cells (melanocytes) sitting just above or below the skin’s surface which in the majority of cases are benign (non-cancerous). A look back in recent history illustrates a time when there was no non-scarring method to eliminate a mole. Most of the time when women had small facial moles on their faces, these moles were referred to as a beauty marks. Very few people would knowingly have a mole treatment that would result in a scar, so keeping their mole was the only alternative, thus turning what it was into a positive facial feature, “a beauty mark.”

The most common practices for mole removal are: surgical – by slicing it off; Liquid Nitrogen (Dry Ice) -320° F to burn the mole off the skin; laser to burn off the mole; natural mole removal magic cream which is often effective however, results in permanent scarring (always read the product’s disclaimer). On another note of caution there is a product over the counter (OTC) being promoted for skin tag removal (people are also using it on moles) and in both cases are getting nothing more than a skin burn which can also lead to scarring. The reason, inside the container is pressurized propane which is at -40° F/C which is just not cold enough to be effective. Seriously if this really worked, all you would have to do is go outside in -40° F/C winter weather and in just a few minutes wouldn’t your skin tag or mole would just fall off? Just think of the medical tourism opportunities in our great white north!

When speaking of a single mole the medical term is Nevus which is derived from the Latin word “spot” and medically addressing multiple moles the term, “Nevi” is applicable. For our discussion we will try to keep it simple and as much as possible refer to them as either a mole or moles.

When researching this type of information, one really gains a respect for the members of the medical community for their continued ability to remember and apply the vast amount of knowledge required to find solutions to our health issues. In the next paragraph the definition for Nevi (moles and Birthmarks) will be stated (in Italics) as found on Page 1481 of The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, 12th Edition, 1972. For all the non-members of the medical community, in parentheses after each medical term, a more layman term will be used.

Circumscribed (encircled) pigmented (coloured) macules (discolored spot on the skin that is not raised above the surface), papules (is an encircled solid elevation of skin with no visible fluid, varying in size from a pinhead to 1 cm; can be brown, purple, pink or red in colour), or nodules (slightly elevated lesions on or in the skin that are larger than papules generally over 5 mm in diameter) which may be present at birth or develop later, comprised of clusters of nevus cells specialized epithelial (tissue covers the whole surface of the body. It is made up of cells closely packed and ranged in one or more layers) cells containing melanin (a substance that gives skin and hair its colour.))”.

Now you have an understanding that a mole is for the most part an undesirable spot that appears on your skin. The great news is that very few moles ever develop into cancer; however, as some do it is extremely important to check your moles. Moles to a human are similar to what asteroids are to Earth. For the most part they are harmless, that stated, they must be tracked as you would not want to be in the vicinity if a large asteroid made it through the Earth’s atmosphere and landed in your backyard or say what was once called “your community.”

Mole removal at Beauty-Full Spa is strictly cosmetic. We recommend that you see a physician for prior approval before having it removed as Beauty-Full Spa, as we have no laboratory affiliations for biopsies or are licensed to diagnosis the status of your mole. If moles are common in your family history then the odds are highly favorable that you will most likely develop some in the future. During your annual physical ensure your physician checks all your moles to ensure that special attention is not required for the selected few and most importantly check yourself frequently for moles that suddenly appear and grow quickly. Should such an event occur, have these questionable moles seen by a doctor as soon as possible.

At Beauty-Full Spa mole removal is a simple process. You come in for a consultation and are provided with a price. We do not offer pricing over the telephone as we must see the mole(s) to provide the removal price. Often on the same day the procedure can be done and if not at a time of convenience in the near future. Once the mole has been removed you are given instructions of how to care for your skin, in particular the do’s and don’t’s during the healing process that if followed have a very small margin of any scarring occurring.

One of the most frequent questions asked, “What is the removal cost of a mole, skin tag or other minor skin irregularities (a.k.a. skin lesions)?”

Mole, skin tag, cherry angiomas, cysts, fibromas or facial cholesterol deposit which are all classified as minor skin irregularities a.k.a. skin lesions have a base removal price starting from $80, however, this is dependent on the size, nature and location of the lesion.

You will be given a cost for your particular skin lesion removal at the time of your FREE consultation (by the way we also have free parking). It is common for some of our clients may have several lesions they wish removed at the same time. There are a number of variables that will determine if multiple removals can be done safely during a single visit including age, locations of lesions, client’s state of health and ailments such as diabetes. Our norm at Beauty-Full Spa is to start with a single location and on a subsequent visit doing multiple locations, as we “don’t like what we don’t know”, and doing it this way we find the best results.

Although at Beauty-Full Spa we often remove skin lesions from multiple locations are during a single visit, the feasibility to do so is based on a case by case basis. Rest assured if it is possible a package price will be quoted to you at the time of consultation.

We work on the basis that as humans we all share two common notions which are, “we don’t like what we don’t know” and “we only accept what we understand.” Thus we invite you to ask lots of questions as we do not limit you to one question per visit. We believe that with information comes the ability to make the correct decision for your particular circumstance and you need information to make an informed opinion. As we are a non-medical facility we pride ourselves in being able to offer a fast in/out time which often means that including the free consultation you are here less than 90 minutes.

One thing we hold in the highest regard is our client’s time, as we all have a limited time, so to speak, here on earth and it should be your choice to waste your time, and not to have it wasted for you by individuals who operate poorly run service based businesses. Thus we do accept walk-ins, however, suggest that you book an appointment to avoid any excessive waiting times. Rarely do we have to cancel or reschedule appoints.

Our staff at Beauty-Full Spa is very considerate, knowledgeable, friendly and the spa is clean and providing a safe, relaxing environment.

Does it hurt?

Pain is your personal perception and everyone experiences it differently. There is a minimal amount of discomfort involved in this procedure. In your quotation you will be quoted two prices, the cost of removal and the optional topical anesthetic. If you selected the topical anesthetic it will be applied to numb the skin area to be treated upon your arrival and approximately 60-minutes later the procedure will begin. In the case of tiny skin tags they can often be removed without any topical anesthetic and therefore, here at Beauty-Full Spa we make the topical numbing agent optional.

Do Doctor’s perform these removals?

Beauty-Full Spa has been offering the removal of Minor Skin Irregularities by Mild Electrocautery since March 2005.  In many jurisdictions, (especially in the United States) most of the Cosmetic Procedures performed at Beauty-Full Spa’s location in Pickering, Ontario are still required to be done by a physician.  Thanks to “the common sense revolution” ushered into the Province of Ontario by the 22nd Premier, Michael Deane “Mike” Harris (June 26, 1995, to April 14, 2002), many low-risk medical procedures were moved from Medical to Cosmetic classification.  Yes, taken away from hospital day surgery facilities and doctors offices and moved into Spas and Medi Spas.  Since we opened our doors in 2005, Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering has offered Laser Tattoo Removal, and removal of Minor Skin Irregularities by Mild Electrocautery.  Minor Skin Irregularities include the removal of Moles (Beauty Marks), Skin Tags (Skin Warts), Cherry Angiomas, Cysts (Small), Fibromas and Facial Cholesterol Deposits.

Please do not hesitate to call us for a FREE consultation at 905-420-0020 or visit our main Beauty-full Spa website.

Before you read the comments below check out the following videos for other minor skin irregularities that we also remove.

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 72 reviews
I really like this place!

Between 2006 and 2007, Beauty-Full Spa removed four of my Teenage tattoos. Three years ago I had a new tatt put on my lower back and was very disappointed in the result. So I am now back at the Spa to get it reduced so I can get a coverup. Really think their new laser will reduce the number of treatments required to knock down the current design to accommodate the new artwork. Prices are affordable and staff is knowledgeable. Great combo, check this place out.

Outside appearance not great inside skills amazing!

I have been driving by Beauty-Full Spa for years, and was never impressed by the outside appearance so I never went in. My mistake. Inside it is very nice, clean, and the staff is both very knowledgeable on a variety of topics and their skills are excellent. They have removed several facial moles for me and have just started removing a 25-year old black tattoo. Very please and they come highly recommended!

They won't remove everything!

I took my son to Beauty-Full Spa after I saw all the pictures on line and read everything. My wife and I agreed that this was the place to take our son to have a mole removed off this face. We went to Beauty-Full Spa, had a free consultation and discovered what we thought was a mole was a birthmark and they wouldn't remove it. They suggested we see my family doctor and he could refer us to a cosmetic or plastic surgeon. We were so disappointed and left thinking that our son would be disfigured for his entire life. We are still waiting to get an apt with a specialist. Our family doctor told us that the majority of people in the medical field will not remove or touch birthmarks. I guess I should be thankful that Beauty-Spa sent us in the right direction, its just that we thought it was a mole and were disappointed to find out it was not and that they wouldn't attempt to remove it.

As Advertised

I just had my fourth mole removal session with the folks at Beauty-Full Spa. I have been coming here since 2006, and the price and great work is why I keep coming back. To date they have removed about 52 moles from various parts of my body. As advertised, now if only Mom and Dad were still here to see that I am finally free at last of my mole inheritance!

Alexandrite Q switch Nd:YAG laser

Beauty-Full Spa has recently upgraded their laser and the new one is more powerful. My first treatment where it was the darkest black blistered a little, but their was a dramatic reduction in the ink. Very impressed.


Had facial moles removed. The skin is soft and people noticed that something is different just cannot put their finger on it. Very impressed with Beauty-Full Spa and the staff. Highly recommend this treatment - a true game changer!

Outstanding Result

Beauty-Full Spa removed a mole from between my breasts and now for the first time in 10 years I am wearing V cut tops. I no longer have to look like the old maiden. Very pleased, thank you, thank you and most importantly no scarring!

Awesome Result

Beauty-Full Spa safely removed a mole off my forehead that had been their since I was a kid and as I grew so did the mole. Never confident in anything I did as I thought everyone was looking at my mole. Not any more I feel like a brand new person and now I feel so much better about myself and my future. Thank you!

Collagen Healed Skin Really Fast

During my free mole removal consultation the gentleman suggested that I take their Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein for faster healing. So I took the six tablespoons per day and I am generally a slow healer. Unimaginable that my scabs fell off in less than 10 days and even the staff a Beauty-Full Spa was impressed as they said that moles removed off the back can take up to 21 days before the scab(s) fall off. Wow speedy recovering and no scarring unlike the old scar on my shoulder from a "specialist" done two years ago. Highly recommended Beauty-Full Spa and the Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein has become part of my daily intake, however, one tablespoon before bed. Amazing stuff, I am looking younger every week!

Very Positive Outcome - my husband loves the new look!

I read all the comments before having three facial moles removed and now I am happy to add my own comments about the positive experience I had at Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering. From the moment I walked in for my free consultation and until I got my take home marching instructions I felt safe, appreciated and warm about the genuine concern for a positive outcome. Very pleased with the results, in fact you would never had known I had two moles on my chin and one large one on my cheek.

Magnificent New Appearance

For years I had a mole on my jaw line that would grow, stop for a few years and grow again. My dad and his dad and his dad had the same mole in almost the same spot. Remarkable. Well I broke the trend and had mine removed at Beauty-Full Spa. If it is truly in our DNA then my kid(s) will most likely get it. However, they can also have it removed, no downtime, no scarring, no mole and I love my new look. Also no more shaving around the mini-mountain on my face - a real time saver. Thank you Beauty-Full Spa.

Chain Mole Guard Gone

I had a mole on the back of my neck on which my necklace would always get caught, sometimes leading to tearing and in a few cases bleeding. Nothing like a white top with red blood on the collar. Went to Beauty-Full Spa by the GO Train, had a consult and from the time I left my house until the time I came home 2.5 hour investment took away years of discomfort. Minutes after the free consultation they took me, gave me a topical anesthetic, got a pedicure while I waited for an hour and shortly thereafter the mole was gone. Followed the simple take home insurrections and the result was extraordinary. Like I had never had a mole. 12 thumbs up for Beauty-Full Spa ... it is worth the trip to Pickering!

Totally Awesome - Thing Gone Off My Face

On Face Book my picture only displayed up to my eyebrows and for most of my posts I wear a baseball cap. I had three moles on my forehead, as did my mom, grandma and great grandma. At 14 the last thing any girl needs is an image problem. My mom found Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering and we traveled by bus from Mississauga to get there. Really good work, all three moles are gone and so are the caps. Some of my friends didn't know I had a forehead. Thanks mom I love you and I love the staff at Beauty-Full Spa as you guys changed my outlook on the future.

Mole Button B/W My Eyes Gone ... Finally!

I went to a referral that my family MD made and the specialist informed me he could remove the mole, however there would be a scar. Unacceptable, so I kept my mole. A friend who lives downtown Toronto informed me that he had gone to Pickering and had two moles removed off his back. No scarring, not even a trace he had ever had the moles. I went to Beauty-Full Spa and unlike the specialist they removed my mole, no scarring and just like my friend, what mole. Now I just have to figure out how to airbrush all the old pictures of me ... since I was 8 yrs old. I am now 44 and mole free. Very appreciative of the skills of the staff at Beauty-Full Spa and I might add cheaper than the Specialist giving me what I wanted at a greatly reduced price!

Mole removal as advertised

Not often do you actually get what you purchased as advertised on the Internet. Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering states, non-surgical, non-scarring, painless mole removal and that is exactly what my experience was getting a mole off up chest. A doctor had cleared me and said I would have a scar - NOT the case. Impressed!

Wife Likes The New Look

Since a teenager I have had a mole on my cheek and over the years it has just gotten bigger. It is in all four sets of pictures from my four daughters weddings. I often nick it shaving and I have found the older I get the longer it takes to heal. So recently my family doctor suggested I go to Beauty-Full Spa to have it removed. I did. Such a simple painless procedure, I cannot believe it took me so long. My wife also likes the new look - says I look 15 years younger. Recommend these guys.

Delivered on no-scarring mole removal

A specialist I went to see told me she could remove my mole, however, there would be a scar. Beauty-Full Spa said and did just the opposite. They removed the mole and there is no scar. I recommended Beauty Full Spa.

Beauty-Full Spa Delivers!

I read the reviews watched the testimonials and then got in my car and drove for four hours to Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering. After my free consultation they frozen the mole and in 5.5 hours I was home again with the mole gone. I feel normal and much more confident than at any other time in my life. There has been no scarring and I am impressed.

Focused Public Speaker

I had a large mole on my upper lip and for years felt it was affecting my ability as a public spoke person in the health care profession. Over the years I met with a number of specialist but they said they could remove it, but there would be most likely a scar. A friend went to Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering an got one removed from her centre chest. Remarkable, no scarring - so I went in for a free consultation. I am now mole free and feel that I am now projecting a great image and massage. Beauty-Full Spa has allowed me to focus on my message not wonder how people are seeing me. Thanks.

Moleless - - - Finally!!

I got my first mole at 15 in the exact same place as my father. I got my second mole at 22 also just 0.5 cm away from where my father has one on his nose. I got my 3rd facial mole at 29, just below the chin, yes almost identical to where my father has one. Well I am now 39 and sorry Dad, I want myself to be in your image, but the one which is mole FREE! Thanks Beauty-Full Spa for removing all three of these very undesirable moles without any scarring. My Dad she he likes my look and will be making a appointment this summer to get his removed!!

Not as Advertised - Better

Let me begin by stating I was not impressed by the testimonials on this site, until I experienced mole removal at Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering, first hand. Unlike my family physician there was no two hour wait. We met in a free consultation, all my questions were addressed, a topical freezing was applied and 70 minutes later I was mole free. That was a year ago and I just returned to get three more removed. No scarring, painless and respect of my time - can't beat the service!!

Wonderous Process

Since I can remember I have had a large mole on the back of my neck meaning that I have always had to have long hair. Well ladies, I'm ready for a hot summer, as it is gone, as in positively no trace! I am so thankful to Google for finding Beauty-Full Spa for me. No scarring, no downtime and really affordable - can't beat the amazing results! Yes, I no longer have to explain to the hair stylist what that thing is on the back of my neck.

My Neck Is Now Chain Friendly

My neck is clean, nothing to catch a chain. I had skin tags and moles removed from my neck and now I ware my hair up and show off my beautiful neck. Amazing results, very pleased. Thanks Beauty-Full Spa for doing such a great job.

Recommend Beauty-Full Spa

I had a few moles removed out of my hair line. Didn't affect my hair growth and there is no sign they were ever there. The specialist my doctor sent me to said there would be scars. Not the case with Beauty-Full Spa's technique, no scarring, no a trace of what once was there. Very impressed.

Simply Amazing, So Happy I Stepped Over The Edge!

When you see how "The Famous" have failed at making themselves look better, fear sets in as to what would happen to me. I had a mole just above my eyebrow that over the years gotten bigger. My family MD checked it out and said it was safe to have removed. So I did some research and was so happy to have come to Beauty-Full Spa. They were much more affordable than a couple of other places I visited plus the level of service was outstanding! Well the long and short of it, my mole is gone and you would never even know I had a mole, unless you look at passed pictures of me. Seriously, I have done the homework for you and know I understand why people travel to Beauty-Full Spa for mole removal!

Mole Removal Skills are God sent!

I had a mole removed from my inner-thigh and am very pleased with the amazing result. I wanted to believe this would happen but really wasn't sure, but I have seen the results first hand and they are amazing. I recommend Beauty-Full Spa as their skill is truly God sent! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Pretty Remarkable Results

Beauty-Full Spa is amazing, astounding, bewildering, breathtaking, extraordinary, impressive, marvelous, miraculous, spectacular, staggering, startling, striking, stunning, stupefying, stupendous, wonderful, wondrous, is how I look since having the mole on my face removed. WOW I didn't think I could put it in words! Like it was never there - imagine just as advertised!!!!

Wonderful Results!!

For years I sported a large mole on my left side of my face near my jaw bone. I have always wanted it off and went the normal route to my family doctor who referred me to a specialist who informed me that the waiting time is eight months. You know when you decide to do something, 8 months just doesn't cut it. So I asked around and found Beauty-Full Spa in Pickering. Long story shorten, they removed the mole and it is totally healed now and interesting enough that was 8 months ago. No trace of a mole on my face and now I just have to edit all those pictures taken prior to the removal. Thanks Beauty-Full Spa you changed the direction of my life. From humble and shy to outgoing and confident!!

Mole Gone Increased My Personal Worth

In 2011, I had two moles removed from my head. One by my chin and the other on my hind-neck. In both cases these moles made me feel ugly and undermined my self confidence. I have become much bolder since they left my life. Thanks Beauty-Full Spa for your wonderful skills that resulted in me thinking much better thoughts about myself.

Best anti-aging treatment Ever!

I remember as a kid getting stories read to me about witches who were protrayed as being untrustworthy, ugly, mean, just people no one would voluntarily be around. Over the years I as did asmy mother and her mother before her developed some less than desirable moles on my face. Shortly after I found out I was soon to be a grandmother, I called and checked out Beauty-Full Spa. That was 6 years ago. I enjoy reading to my now three grandchildren and am pleased to say that they will not have the memories that I grew up with of my grandmother who looked like she had jumped off the vary pages that she was reading to me. I am telling you this information now as I just came back to Beauty-Full Spa to have another mole removed off my back. They are still doing their magic and I cannot believe that more people do not know about this place. Check it out yourself.

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